Blur the line between the world of
what’s real and what’s virtual!

MT Concepts is a company specializing in holographic 3D visualization technologies including digital holograms and holographic video displays. Our 3D holography solutions are designed on powerful hardware and integrated software. Our digital holograms allow you to visualize 3D data illustrating precise details. Our technology has 3D images floating in mid-air that can change in real time. Interactivity allows you to touch objects in space and interact with them mid-air. User can interact with their gesture without any other special effects or tools.

Our Solutions

From sci-fi fantasy to engineering reality!

Our team of experts engage for the design, execution and implementation of 3D holography projects. Designs range from medical imagery to concept cars and complex machines. Our solutions can be used for 3D Visualization, pre - visualization, 3D demonstration and real time simulation aimed at a range of high-end professional applications including medical, automotive, aerospace, industrial, education, exhibitions, product launches and displays, etc. With a MT holographic expert on your side, your advanced application ideas begin taking shape.
Interactive Holo Lab

Interactive Holo Lab

Our interactive holographic lab setup for students makes experimenting more fun and learning more interesting & easy
It projects 3D objects on air, floating in front of user
User can interact with their gesture, without any other special effects or tools

Holographic Projections

Out technology enables 3D display of the video in the space, creating holographic projection of recorded video. It is light reflection, giving viewer feeling that what has appeared in front of them is in the real space.


Watch your product animated in space with our product….. HoloBox.
Innovative way to promote your product with latest use of AR technology, creating visually stunning presentation of the product.

Applications of 3D Holographic Solutions

Dream It! Build it! Showcase It!

Experiment with human anatomy like never before

We help doctors, students and patients visualize the medical anatomy in a proven more efficient mechanism for training and education. Applications in medicine can draw on digital images produced by scanning and X-ray devices or on medical photography, video and other illustrations or create holograms from such sources as; specimens, biopsy and histology. The full-length human anatomy hologram to accurately display complex diagrams of the human anatomy is designed for teaching medical students about the 3D structure of the human body.

  • Anatomy: Anatomical specimens, maps of the body, muscular and soft tissue structures, bone structures, normalities and abnormalities, dissection, etc.
  • Biochemistry: Molecular models, visualization of biochemical processes, images of cells and cultures, models of pathogens.
  • Medical illustration: Mechanical and biological function
  • Teaching: Creating visual teaching tools to enhance and emphasize key teaching points for the student such as diagnostics education
Understanding complex information; quick and easy

Now the time has changed such that interactive learning for the students is possible. The use of Interactive 3D holographic technology will immensely help the students in the classroom for engineering particularly from mechanical, design and CAD/CAM field where these people should have more imagination power than others. Our solutions help you engage with rich, realistic three-dimensional presentations that enhance collaboration. Less expensive than physical models and rapid prototyping solutions, our holographic solutions give students access to fast, portable 3D visualization for projects and the iterative design process.

  • Present designs with a higher level of accuracy and detail than in awkward physical models without the need for cumbersome glasses or special viewing equipment
  • Communicate instant visual understanding regardless of language or level of technical understanding, thus bridging cultural and technical barriers
  • Enhance understanding and build confidence by enabling complex information to be understood quickly, and allows for faster analysis and decision making
  • Use a wide range of 3D data sources, including CAD/CAE/CAM files, BIM models, aerial photos, laser scans, and files from popular 3D data programs/formats like Maya, Sketch-up, 3D Studio Max and AutoCAD
Bring your products to life; with Holograms.

3D holographic solutions will get your products noticed, and get people talking about it to their acquaintances. Holograms are ideal for a variety of business promotional applications including product launches, presentations, events and conferences.

We design, build and install large scale 3D holographic systems at events, shows, product launches, and conferences to create life-size 3D holograms on stage that can entertain and interact with your audience. Our customized 3D Holographic stage projections systems can captivate your audience like never before.

With no need of 3D glasses, our 3D holographic projection displays can turn your product or concept into a 3D hologram. We can create 3D holograms of real people as well as computer generated graphics. The displays are available as both rentals and sales from MT for worldwide usage. MT is capable of manufacturing 3D Holographic units from 1 feet x 1 feet to 12 meters x 12 meters. Ideally, it is preferable to have a unit where you can show your product in life size or larger, but not less.
Change the way your Customers Interact

3D holograms attract consumers, increasing consumer foot falls, stir the audience’s imagination, inspire and thus help in boosting sales and customer retention. MT Concepts has developed a revolutionary means of visual image creation via 3D holography for applications within the retail, merchandising and point of purchase environments. Introducing MT Concepts 3D holograms, life-like holograms that will have your audience staring in amazement, and affordable enough to be used in your next campaign. MT Concepts hologram system captures, processes, prints and replicates highest fidelity & quality 3D images.

Depending on the technique used in holoboxes, it looks like the subject is really there or it can be used creatively to show several aspects of a subject in one animation. MT concepts 3D Holography has opened up new avenues of creativity for advertising agencies and their clients.

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